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URBAN ECOLOGIES are devoted to life in Łódź – the way we see and would want to see a place where we work, study, and having fun. The City’s environment is a relationship between people, everyday sounds, the buildings in which we dwell, and the streets on which we walk. The main goal of this project is to show a relationship between nature and society, and the resulting creations through drawing attention to areas that are impoverished/ neglected through changes in ways of living/ experiencing.

All actions are going to take place outside the buildings of the Muzeum Sztuki (Museum of Art), and all of them will emerge from experiencing particular locations; the actions will range from recreational, performative, interventionist, as well as proposals resulting in spacial solutions supported by long-term research. Tools of our actions are: sound, movement, architecture, design, and nature. We would like to engage inhabitants, primarily those of Stare Polesie, but also Księży Młyn and the City Center in all of the events.

URBAN ECOLOGIES are created in cooperation with organizations, associations, foundations and other grassroots initiatives active in Łódź. The workshops, as a way of exchanging experience and knowledge, fulfill a very important role.The project will be continued in 2012 and in the next years will result in a permanent program within a renovated building of the Muzeum Sztuki (Museum of Art) at Więckowskiego 36.

URBAN ECOLOGIES /june-july edition/ co-operators:

Miej Miejsce
Katarzyna Krakowiak
Bud Cud
Lipowa odNowa
KIJO (MOVIN’ ŁÓDŹ Association)
Physical Studio (MOVIN’ ŁÓDŹ Association)
Łódź w Ruchu (Lodz in Motion) (MOVIN’ ŁÓDŹ Assiciation)
T O P O G R A F I E Association